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Suspension oil refresh

 keep your fork & shock silky smooth forever, and avoid scratches on legs/shafts.

Warranty managment

We are authorized service & warranty center for:  Manitou & CaneCreek & Ohlins.
We can process others brands also…click for more

Suspension rebuild

when things get serious, you need to have your stuff rebuilt deeper internally: usually 1-2 times a year for most riders

Dorado specialist & Dorado RRT

Being considered the “Dorado guru" is a title that make us proud of, read section below if you are interested in Dorados, or…if you own one.

Suspension tuning

for the most serious and fast rider, custom tailloring suspension service!

Bike setup consulting

Suspensions are only two parts of your bike: are you sure the rest is properly set?
Interested in improving your ride?….discover how, keep reading...

Basic oil change

A professional oil change is a complex process and it can be obtained only by disassembling entirely the suspension.
be aware of who promise an oil change without removing the fork from your bike, performed in 15 minutes only!
suspension work is a time consuming job, it is a calm job, like medical surgery.

the following are the steps we undergo for a basic oil change:

disassembling the fork 
cleaning all parts
veryfing all parts
measuring parts for service limits
rebuild using top qualty fluids, greases and oils

typical turnover for a basic oil change 1/2 day.

Our advised time-intervals between basic oli changes are more tight that brands ones : we want long life to your suspension!

fork lowers and air shock sleeves:
30 hrs for easy dry use
15hrs for mud hard core use

Suspension full rebuild

All forks full rebuilds embed a basic oil change, plus replacement of wiper seals and the rebuild of the damping part.
ALL the closed system cartridges are bleeded and filled with the vaacum machine using top quality fluids.

All shocks full rebuids starts by veryfing it on the dyno as soon as it enters our door, then stripped down completely to get cleaned and checked for service limits.
all consumable parts are replaced and once reassembled the shock is tested again on our DYNO for consistency,performance. 
we deliver the shock with 2 dyno plots : PRE and POST  service so the client can see himself the improvement gained by the service.

We only want the BEST , so even if some brands do not require vaacum bleed dyno test, and nitrogen, we :
-we use nitrogen to all shocks ifps (air sleeve on request)
-we vaacum-fill all shocks.
-we dyno-test all shocks.
We call this hi-quality: if it suits you, book your shock in.

Turnover for a full rebuild is usually 24H.

Our advised time-intervals between basic oli changes are more tight that brands ones : we want long life to your suspension!

fork cartriges/full rebuild and air shock full rebuids:
75 hrs for easy dry use
40hrs for mud hard core use

Tailor made suspension - custom tuning

Stock suspension are build to suit the average rider with an average speed, average age, average style, average approach of life, and bike type. 
Unfortunately (or luckily - lol  ) we are all different freaks: we think different, we ride different, we eat different, we live different and we ride a different bike.
We doubt stock suspension from factory suit your ride at best potential unless if you are extremely lucky, and so we stronlgy encourage all riders to get the benefits of a taillored suspension!

Suspension are nowadays quite complex inside: air springs with adjustable compression curve, damping cartridges with hi-low speed circuits, hydraulic bottom outs and much more!
Shocks can have few registers or have 4 independant registers like the Double Barrel aka our highly trusted weapon of choice for the rear suspension.

Tailloring a suspension could be both just tweaking the outside knobs and / or  working inside the suspension to re-shim, and any other modification to improve the performance and suit your ride style/needs.
We stock hundreds of good performance secret tuning sheets , tested and written trought the years of testings with Enduro and DH pro athletes and National champions, as well Finale Ligure top bike guides.
If your ride style can’t be matched to one of these our pre-tested tuning sheets we start a new project just for yourself!

Last but not least, we work with the best TELEMETRY (data logger) system in the game, same used by world champs like SuperBRUNI, and others : AIM evo 4S.
Data Logging is the only precise method to achieve the best vehicle tuning available.

some of the components that we usually tweak during a tailloring job are:
air side volumes
air side frictions
air side triple chamber installation / adjustment
damping oil 
damping shims
damping pistons
bottom out systems
air bleeders
fork offset
shock bushings
shock IFP pressure / height
and….a lot more!

get a taillored suspension now, improve your fun on the trails, with much more safety and less….fatigue!

Suspension warranty managment

Rulezman Suspension is honoured to reppresent and perform officially Warranty & Service works for the following top brands:

other brands including:
Rock Shox
will be sent as requested by LAW,  to the respective brand HQ tech-center for repair.
If the longer turnover is not acceptable by your riding & life needs,  we remind you can always choose our special time-saving paid service to solve the suspension issue within 24 hrs.

Dorado Specialist & RRT upgrade

If you have a dorado and you look for the highest experienced guru, you are @  the right place.
Rulezman is the man of the dorado!

let’s go trought some basic concept of UpSideDown forks and why USD forks are the best compared to standard forks :

The reason for reengineering the conventional fork is two-fold. First, arguments have been made that it lowers the amount of unsprung weight on the bike, which typically leads to better handling. This has been hotly debated, and any savings here are likely pretty miniscule. The larger benefit is said to be increased stiffness from the front end. To understand why, let’s study engineering for a minute with your favorite redneck professor.
Stiffness — or resistance to deflection — of a tube (in this case, the outer telescoping section of the fork) increases greatly with respect to its diameter. Because the outer tube is, by definition, larger than the inner telescoping section, it should be stronger and stiffer.
If you think about the front end of a bike, it works just like a lever. The headstock of the frame (or the nearly parallel triple trees) acts as a fulcrum, so the greatest forces of deflection (or "bending," as non-engineering types might commonly say) are imparted upon whatever piece of tube is nearest to it. Since we know that larger-diameter tube is stronger, one can surmise that an inverted fork will deflect less, because the stronger part of the fork is installed in a way that allows it to cope with the strongest forces of deflection.
The stiffness leads to better feedback and feel, and greater responsiveness, due to the reduced stiction between the upper and lower sections of fork.

With more than an intense decade tuning and caring thousands of dorados we are the right center for treating your dorado in the best and experienced way.

From factory the dorado PRO is a workpiece, but we managed to go beyond that original perfection.
Dorado RRT (Rulezman-Race-Tune)  is the result of many work/race seasons. 
Dorado RRT is a blend of tecnical modifications, structure improvements, weight savings and some special recipe secret-ingredients we cannot divulge to public.

Some of all these important details improved with the RRT upgrade from the beloved DORADO PRO are:

improved bumps absorbing
increased travel from 203 to 210mm
overall frictions reduced by 140%
"high stay" in travel on slow speed impacts and reduced brake dive
custom brakehose guide
air bleeding relief valves for consistent feedback run after run
all RRT fork will get  the compulsory  Rulezman KYB re-anodizing bronze color, but please don’t call this kashima !!!

Bike consulting

“suspension are just a part of the bike-ensemble"

We observed that the major quantity of the bikes out there are framed way too small and many of those are also wrongly set-up with handlebars too low, wrong spring rates, wrong brake levers position, wrong head angles and too low tyre pressure and so on...

At Rulezman we like to study all the aspects of the "rider/bike ensemble” aiming to maximise its best potential. 

Bike consulting is not something learnt on books or at some third part company-course: bike consulting-skills grows with time, day after day, listening and watching rider after rider, season after season.
Consulting is the greatest and stoking service we can offer for the rider who is looking for the best improvement of his safety, speed, fun, chrono timing, and maybe podium.

Bike consulting begin interviewing the client scanning for his deep riding needs, once are discovered we go trought the bike current setup analyzing the geometries and reading out with dyno suspension current settings.
When all the data is achieved, a few days of post-processing are required to make the "work-plan" of modifications for the bike transformation.

We will go trought the common tailorred suspension tuning procedures and once everything is ready the client come back at ours for more measures and tests and the first test rides.
The process is not a "one shoot & see ya” package:  bike consulting is quite complex and usually requires a few weeks to have it done successfully.
Call us for a chat on the topic: we look forward to improve your ride

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