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2019 Race season - Marco Milivinti

For 2019, myself and Cane Creek usa will support one of the greatest italian racers: Marco Milivinti.
He will run Cane Creek shocks on both enduro and DH bike, and Dorado RRT fork on DH...

Good luck for the season!

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2017/2Q testcamp with Manitou

Again in  Finale Ligure choosed as spot-on location for product testing for some secret special bike big-brands!
Among Chris Bartik always the "resident” figure to this event, this year Manitou sent over mr E. Kwaterski, one of the two main engeneer at Hayes/Manitou USA!.

Great time to work togheter, reshimming stacks like if there is no tomorrow, nearly firing up my vaacum machine for the continue bleeding all day long!

stoked, great time!

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2016/2Q work with PROPAIN GRAVITY UNION team

This was an hard one: 7 riders, 1 tuner , only few days to setup 7 bike/rider combos..
Thanks to Marco Beba head of charge of Propain team, the work proceeded flawlessy, and all riders got a good setup.

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2016/2Q work with national DH champion

It was a great time working on the pre-season opening with Francesco Colombo and on his superb Devinci DH bike equipped with Cr380 fork and Moto shock.
A great opportunity to share and compare ideas with a proper-speed rider!

Lot of improvements on his suspension, including custom shimstack, improved sensitivity, midstroke support, and some other top secret candy.


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2016/1Q testcamp with Manitou finest Team from USA & Germany

Great time co-working with N. Pye aka the main Engeneer @ Manitou USA , the one behind projects such as MATTOC, and DORADO , & C. Bartik the main man in charge of european Services for Hayes group.

The ride camp took place  in Finale Ligure for a full sunny hard week of no stop  custom tunes tested for Bergamont prototypes 2017 and Decathlon 2017-2018 ones!


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2014/2Q work with Rudel DH team

Thanks to mr B. Heim for the great opportunity to work and tune his two young athletes, in Rudel DH team

Great time at Nato base
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