Who is Rulezman Suspension

The oldest,  wisest, 100% suspension / vehicle setup guru.

“full brain, full time, full devotion, 100% performance.."

With more than 27 years in technical tasks, material machining, mechanical/hydraulical projects, problem solving & custom projects, at Rulezman we offer you all the knowledge gained through the decades, aiming to transform your riding dreams into reality.

Booting a 100% MTB oriented suspension center in the era of 26” wheels, no dropper posts & "no carbon just sweat", has been a pretty challenging and pioneering project: no help from others, no colleagues-exchanging thoughts, just experimenting and self-in-field learning.

Proud to had begun that long-ish time ago, today we offer one of the sweetest premium , most skilled, and veteran suspension service in the business.

We share no compromises, we only support and promote the best: our goal is your ride quality, ride safe, fast, all day long!

suspension specialists

“our goal is your ride quality.."

Putting 100% phisical and mental energies into a precise single sector usually gives better results than dealing with many things. 
 This is the why we choose from the beginning to become specialists in suspension and vehicle settings/builds.

Here at Rulezman we don’t believe the hype and we talk frank to our clients:  100% suspension oriented, 100% time, brain, energies, thoughts, experience and hands on suspension  and frame geometries / bike settings is the way we live & work to offer you the best for your bike build. 

We don't trust much “know-all” people: 100% in suspension or leave. 

read our values

Rulezman's values

Extremely Picky

suspension are like swiss watches: no precision no party.

Ultra Responsive

you come here with problems, we promptly answer you with solutions.

Super Clean

a  “surgery-style” clean environment is a must for suspension work

Topic Veterans

experience is built with time, we have more than 25 years experience to share.

Good Value

Rulezman has probably the "best price for the best offer" service in the area

Client’s oriented

your complete satisfaction is our goal: you choose, you fund, you enjoy.

Frank and Sincere

we don’t tell jokes to sale crap: we talk real and you decide if it suits you

High Tech Tools

we keep updating in latest technology to get the best out of your suspension

Premium Workshop

“best tecnology at your service.."

Are you bored and scared from those common bike-workshops where chaos reigns every where and dirty chains lay down on the same bench near to suspension delicate parts? 
We self-motivate ourselves to DO NOT proceed that way, and here at Rulezman we like to keep things highly organised and clean. 
Metalwork room, suspension room, storage shelfs, spares drawers, small parts containers, everything is meticulous organised and kept exgremely clean & ordered as it should be in our ideas of a top-quality service.

We are fully equipped with all the required professional suspension tools/aids/machines including:
-hundreds of special dedicated suspension tools
-stainless steel washing station & sink drainage
-dual oil tank VACUUM filling machine with external vaacum tank bell 
-suspension DYNO up to 2.7 m/s @ 160mm travel with computer data software
-spring / air soring DYNO uo to 350mm travel / 10000 N  with computer data software
-hand dynamometer / tester
-NITROGEN filling bottles & filling equipement
-several hi-precision digital pressure GAUGES and measuring instruments including marble measuring table
-spring tester
-precision lathe with digital readings, QCTP turret an 0,01mm repeatible hi-precision chuck.
-precision milling machine with digital readings
-metal band saw
and more…

Mobile workshop

“..suspension works on the trails"

Suspension work shouldn't be restricted to in-workshop services only, we operate a fully equipped mobile van, to work close to riders and trails, for testing and improving even more their suspension performances.

The mobile van is a 6.4mt long fully equipped mobile workshop including:

220V power-
air compressor-
"that hundreds" of special suspension tools we have in the main workshop-
a mini stainless steel drainage sink & washing station-
dual oil tank vaacum filling machine-
hand dynamometer-
nitrogen filling kit-
spring tester-
and just about the same stuff we have in the main workshop!

Interested in our services? Do you want to improve your ride? browse our services :

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